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Unicycle across Scotland on a unicycle

Oliver Green is going to unicycle across Scotland to raise money for the charity Save The Children.

This is something that is new to him. He is not an experienced rider and has trained up from an absolute novice to do this unicycle across Scotland.

[caption id="attachment_8269" align="alignnone" width="960"]Ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity. Oliver green ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity.[/caption]

He started off by thinking about doing only a 5 mile ride for local charities. But having seen the devastating situation in Syria he changed his mind to unicycle across Scotland.  The Children in Syria are suffering greatly in the horrendous situation that has been created by the war there.

The unicycle across Scotland ride will be at it's widest point.  Oliver will be self supporting all the way and camping to keep the price down.  He is determined to give all the money that he is raising to Save the Children Syria Crisis Campaign.

Oliver has been training hard for this epic trip, here is some information on his progress in his own words:


My training has been going great, it was bloody hard work in the beginning but I have enjoyed it more than I thought. I’m using a second hand  29” unicycle which is definitely not the most suitable unicycle for what I’m doing but it does the job.

To the Unicycle I have retro fitted some motor bike panniers to carry my camping gear, spare clothes etc., For training I am often doing 30+ miles in a day when I get a chance to get out, unfortunately only once a week at the moment due to work and family commitments.

I managed 40+ miles with 7kgs of junk on board a few weeks back and have passed the stage of falling of all the time. My hands and knees are no longer constantly cut and bruised and my sprained wrist seems too of healed. I now usually land on my feet when I do fall off and rarely land face first on the tarmac. I've had some amazing reactions from people I’ve met who watch with amazement as I ride past and often get a round of applause as I go by.

Sometimes going out with friends and family on bikes makes a nice change. All though this has been a very mild winter I’m looking forward to the spring as the longer nights as riding in the dark is crap


I’ve currently raised around £1700 which is miles away from my target of £10,000 which was always a very optimistic target, but I realise now that I may not reach it. With 10ish weeks left till I start my challenge so it’s any ones guess how things will turn out.  Sponsor forms and posters have been placed In many local shops and sports clubs.

This weekend I will be driving most of my route to drop more sponsor forms off.  The most surprising thing has come from cable tying a sponsor tin to my helmet.  It has made over £150 from cars stopping and people I have met putting money in it even though I look ridiculous.

I have had a large article in two of my local papers to try and help with awareness. A few weeks back I had an interview with a local community radio station.  But FaceBook has been without doubt the best source of sponsorship directing people to my just giving page.

If you would like to find out more about Oliver or contact him you can through his facebook page.

Please do donate through his justgiving page.


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