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UDC at Horwich - The National Open Unicycle Road Race

The National Open Unicycle Road race was a great sucess! It was great to see so many 36" Unicycles in one place.

Lots of Sponsored riders were out and the Sponsored shirts looked amazing!

The racing got underway and there was a lot of support from the crowd. There were a few falls along the way. Julian Barrow won best crash! Other crashes included one from JL and Katie Lambert. Emily Johnson went down quite spectacluarly later on in the day!

People looking nicely worn out after the race!

Thanks to Sponsored rider Julain Page for organising such a great day. Check out all the photos in the gallery.


1 CatoTveit First Male
2 Duncan Clark Second Male
3 Matt Morris Third Male
4 Roger Davis
5 Paul Stacey
6 Dane Smith
7 Robert Day
8 (+1 lap) Steve Coligan >50
9 Cameron Peacock First U16
10 Nick Curwen
11 Emily Johnston First Female
12 Nora Tveit Second Female/U16
13(+2 lap) Ollie Baker Third U16
14 Geoff Bond
15 Claire Page Third Female
16 JL Coldham
17 Julian Page
18 Julian Barrow
19 Ged Hall
20 Jackson Laybourn
21 Oswald Miller
22 Lucy Cobb
23 Jon Barton
24 Bobbie Byrne
25 Matt Barton
26 Andrew Lendon
27 Dave Downs
28 Katie Lambert

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