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With the tyre being our only point of contact with the ground, and only one of them makes it a pretty necessary part of your unicycle.  So checking your tyres regularly to make sure they have no damage, uneven wear or just no grip cause you've been riding so much is quite important.  Alot of unicyclists wear their tyres unevenly, generally from idling, or gliding, so rotating your tyre can help prolong it's life.


But should you find yourself in need of a new tyre or you just want to try a different tread pattern here at Unicycle.com we carry a large selection of tyres, and can offer advise on what to pick to suite your needs.

19" Trials and Flatland tyres
16"/18"/20" Freestyle/general riding tyres
24"/26" General and Muni tyres
29" Muni and Road tyres
and of course 36" tyres for big wheel road/off road Unicycle


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