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The Fourth British National Unicycling Road Race

For the fourth year there will be a National Unicycle Road race in Horwich will be held on Sunday 19th June 2016.


(2015 Podium finishers)

The race will consist of 7 (1 mile) laps of Horwich Town Centre. The Unicycle race will start at 1pm next to the town hall. When the leader has completed 7 laps, all other competitors will be finished as they pass the finishing line. Some competitors may be finished earlier to ensure the course is free for the next race.

Parking, with changing and showering facilities is at Horwich Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Horwich, BL6 5PY. The roads around Horwich will be closed so don't expect to park around the course.

Registration will be on the day but if you can let Julian Page know that you are coming via Facebook or E-mail [email protected] and supply him with a little bit of information about yourself for the commentator (if none supplied Julian will make something up!)

The cost of the race is £15 (adults) and £10 (under 18's) if you are under 16 you must get your parent or guardian to complete your consent form.

All the unicyclists usually gather on the small grassy area next to the town hall, bring juggling equipment and make a day of it. Toilets are next to the bowling hut and there are a few shops and pubs around to buy food.

There will be trophies for first, second and third male, first and second lady, and, first and second under 16.

You MUST wear a cycle helmet.

For more details visit http://www.horwichfestivalofracing.co.uk/


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