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200 miles in 24 Hours on a Unicycle!

On Thursday, June 2nd, Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson will be attempting to set a new record as the oldest person to ride 200 miles in 24 hours!  As the title says, He will be riding his unicycle 200 miles in just a 24 hour period! Since unicycles can't coast, that will mean pedaling more than 112,000 revolutions!

Terry is doing this ride not only for the personal challenge, but also to raise money for this wonderful and worthy cause, the Make-A-Wish foundation. If you would like to support Terry you can make a donation here.


Terry UniGeezer Peterson in the Fargo Hill Climb

Mr Unigeezer has been doing impressive things on unicycles again check out this video and little write up about the Fargo Hill Climb.

Terry UniGeezer Peterson:

It had been two years since entering my first ever Fargo hill climb event, and fresh on the heels of my epic 114 mile 36er ride just two weeks ago, I returned for the annual event, on 3/24/13, in an attempt to successfully climb the massive 32% grade monster hill again. As it turns out, I had/have a fractured rib, sustained as a result of a drop while riding MUni last week. Up until yesterday I wasn’t sure if I would be physically able to even attempt the climb, but the pain was all but gone this morning so I decided to go for it!

I ended up doing THREE climbs, with the first two counting as official. Although I finished the third climb, I momentarily dismounted to avoid a collision with bike. The first two climbs were done earlier before the hill got overly congested with participants. While everyone else (on bikes) had the benefit of super low gearing, I had to climb in pure 1:1 in addition to maintaining balance in every direction, on such a wall-like incline! By the time I was halfway up, I was well past my Vo2MAx, and every pedal stroke took monumental effort. It was, without exception, the most physically tortuous thing I have ever done on a unicycle--or on anything for that matter!

It was confirmed again by the organizers, that I’m still the first and only person to successfully climb this monster hill on a unicycle in the event's 30+ year history! I’m pretty proud of that.

So this makes 4 official climbs; two for this event and two at the 2011 event. Plus three more training rides made to the top. This video includes *both* climbs and both descents, plus a couple of fun interviews. The guy who filmed the second climb held the camera steadier and is a better depiction of the steepness. Hope you enjoy.
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