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Huh... What is Race Unicycling?

In the UK there isn't really much coverage about Race Unicycling, but a few of the major Unicycle manufacturers make Unicycles for just that.

Race UnicyclingRace Unicycling

International Unicycling Federation

Over the English channel and into Europe Race or Track Unicycling is a big deal, the IUF (International Unicycling Federation) call the discipline "Race" and describe it as:

"Unicyclists race common distances like 100m, 400m, 800m on an athletic track. There are a wide variety of races along with standard riding, such as wheel-walking and riding one footed."

Only standard unicycles may be used. Riders may use different unicycles for different racing events, as long as all comply with the rules for events in which they are entered. For events divided by wheel size, there is a maximum allowable tire diameter and minimum crank arm length for each category:

Unicycle Class Max Diameter Min Crank Length Transmission
16 Class 418mm 89mm Standard
20 Class 518mm 100mm Standard
24 Class 618mm 125mm Standard
29 Class 778mm No Limit Standard
Unlimited No Limit No Limit Unlimited


Race UnicyclingRace Unicycling

Race Unicycling

We have just started selling the 24" Nimbus 'E-Sport' Race Unicycle, which is a Unicycle designed to compete in the IUF 24 Class. The E-Sport Race comes with a 559mm rim and a thin tyre so it is designed and optimized to ride on a track. This unicycle conforms to the IUF’s track racing rules and unicycle specifications. Click here to see IUF rule book document.

Race UnicyclingRace Unicycling

The E-Sport Race

The Nimbus E-Sport race unicycle is at the top of its game with the best unicycle parts and newest technologies. It comes with the latest generation Nimbus one-piece aluminium (90mm wide) hub for optimum race performance and durability. The super stiff Nimbus VCX cranks give the most efficient transfer of power directly to your wheel, meaning all your power goes solely into propelling you forward to victory.

The E-Sport's Frame

The Nimbus aluminium E-Sport frame is narrow enough at the top to minimise catching your knees but still has enough crown to enable a secure foot placement for one-foot riding. With the E-sport frame being 300mm long (from crown to top of seatpost) this puts the seatpost clamp nicely out of the way minimising any discomfort.


David Scott's Bamboo Unicycle Project

Our friend David Scott approached us a few months ago asking us to sponsor him, few emails back and forth we found out that he planned to create a Bamboo Unicycle frame. We happily accepted and David got to work. Here is what he created...






Here is also a couple of great videos of David riding, and building his creation.

Latest Kris Holm products have arrived... Finally.

We have finally got stock of all the latest Kris Holm products. We've got the latest Kris Holm frames, which now has a one-piece forged fork crown and neck incorporates the best characteristics of both flat top and rounded designs, with a stable platform and rounded corners to avoid bashed knees.

We've also got in stock the new Spirit hubs! Which are now a one piece item with centre of the axle tapering slightly giving an hour-glass shape to reduce weight all while maintaining strength.

Check out all the other new Kris Holm products on our New Products page.

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