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Voodoo Unicycles at the Highland Show

Head of Voodoo Unicycles Jason Auld has shared with us his interesting experience at the highland show! Check it out..

The Royal Highland Show is Scotland's annual farming and countryside showcase and is organised by the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland.

The event attracts over 1,000 exhibitors, 4,500 head of livestock, and up to 190,000 visitors. It is the premier fixture in Scotland's farming calendar and generates over £200 million in business.

What does any of this have to do with Unicycling I hear you cry? Well, very little but Voodoo Unicycles has always been about evangelically spreading the word of Extreme Unicycling to communities and events who have never experienced it, so we grasped the opportunity with two hands like a bull rider or someone milking a cow.

Growing up in Edinburgh, the Highland Show is treated with the reverence of Glastonbury or T in the Park but instead of bands, there's free samples of milk and cheese. It's brilliant.
Thanks to the team at Bryson's Tractors, we managed to integrate some heavy machinery into our display rig in order to play up the farming theme, as well as bring an exciting twist to our usual obstacle course. We also had the pleasure of working with legendary Trials Biker Andrei Burton, showing the crowds that one wheel can hold it's own against two.
We were invited to be a part of the Landward show for BBC Scotland, which you can see below. Sarah the presenter was a delight to work with when the crew shot our demonstrations on Thursday. However, when the show went live on Friday night, the director asked us to wait around for a casual 4 hours in order to "hold Sarah up on the Unicycle". Don't get me wrong, I'm not too good to do manual labour and I'll do almost anything for free food but we were hanging around for what ended up being a massively awkward anticlimax. Check it out below and try your hardest not to cringe when the camera stays on us for what feels like an eternity. All credit to Sarah, as I'm sure Unicyclists should be added to the famous show business phrase "never work with children or animals".

All publicity is good publicity and on the day that the UK was shook by the referendum decision to leave the EU, we can say that Unicycling was featured on prime time television. I think that's pretty cool.



Simon Berry’s 2016 Part 2

We asked our friend Simon Berry what he has been up to recently in his unicycle life.  He has been very busy as part of Voodoo and with his budding TV career!

Officially ‘Officially Amazing!’!

Although technically we did this in 2015, it was only broadcast in March! In late Summer 2015, Mike, Rob, Jason and Myself traveled up to Sheffield to film for CBBC’s Officially Amazing, a show which features a wide variety of world record attempts from across the world!

Our attempt was for the 4x50m hurdles relay. This had never been done before so all we had to do was beat an arbitrary time set by Guinness, based on Lutz Eicholz’ standing 100m hurdles record! The show makes much more interesting viewing if I don’t tell you what happens, so here it is! Click on Team Voodoo Below to see the video.


The Extreme Mountain Bike Show

Again in March, I was asked by British Bike Trials legend Danny Butler to come and do a demo for his team, ‘The Extreme Mountain Bike Show’. It was short notice and a massive hassle to get to Manchester in time, but no good things are easy, are they?

I woke up the next day at 4am, took the night bus to the train station and hopped on the first train from London to Manchester! From there Joe Oakley, ex-world champion picked me up and we headed to Manchester Communications Academy to do some demos as part of a launch event for the school’s new mountain bike track. Unfortunately, as the gig was at a school I couldn’t film and take pictures much, but here’s a couple from the day!



It was a great day and a great event. It’s comforting to see cycling being adopted by so many local authorities to get kids active! Combining trials biking and unicycling also made for a really cool performance, look out for more of myself and The Extreme Mountain Bike Show over the Summer months!


Sport Relief 2016

On the 20th of March, Sport Relief invited Voodoo back for yet another year to perform!

Sport Relief is an amazing opportunity to use sport as a catalyst for raising funds and awareness for those in poverty around the world.

This year, we were challenged with breaking our recently set world record, in front of a live audience at the Sport Relief Games! The atmosphere on the day was great and we had amazing support from the crowd, leading us to shave ~10 seconds from our previous record! Click on Simon to see the Video


Beating our world record was, sadly, the last adventure for myself and Mike with Voodoo.

After 5 years with the team, we’re moving on to pursue some new, exciting projects which you’ll see more of soon on this blog! We can’t wait to share them with you!

Voodoo World Record

Team Voodoo Unicycles managed to set a new Guinness World Record for 4x50m hurdles on Unicycles for CBBC show "Officially Amazing".
Shot in the prestigious English Institute of Sport, the home training ground of Olympic Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis, the team hopped over hurdles at an impressive time of 1 minute 44 seconds.

Simon Berry's 2016

Simon Berry's 2016.

Unfortunately, the Winter months are usually the quietest part of the year for people like myself. Most of our work is at summer events and festivals, which are all things that take place almost exclusively in the Summer.

Luckily though, 2016 is off to a great start!

After riding into the New Year with some of my best friends (video below), Mike Taylor, Sam Goodburn and I set off for a week of shows at the ExxonMobil Qatar Open in Doha.

We met early on the day of the flight to plan our shows for the week, designing a 5 minute performance that featured both Extreme Unicycling with an underlying theme of tennis.


Our first day was spent setting up the demo rig, and rehearsing our show, before starting 6 days straight of performances, doing between 3 and 5 shows per day, in between Tennis matches. The event itself was great place to be, and the crowds were even better. On the last day, where Novak Djokovic took his first grand slam title, our crowds were huge and had a great time! ...


Our schedule over the week was packed, but we still managed to take some free time to explore historic Doha! I hope we'll be there again soon to continue our adventures there!

Check our our Qatar Vlog on Facebook here:



Two weeks later came EUC in Cologne. If you didn't already know, EUC is the Extreme Unicycling Championship, which has been held every year in the same location since 2009! EUC is one the the most intense, and competition packed events on the unicycle calendar, and is a must for anyone who's even remotely into Extreme Unicycling!

Myself, Mike Taylor, Hockey legend Gareth Walkom and Tirryn Nankivel arrived a day early, and were put up thanks to the kindness of Olaf Schote!

Friday began with the flatland competition. I had volunteered to commentate for the first time, which made a change from competing and was great fun.

Impact and Voodoo team member Mike Taylor took second place in Intermediate Flatland, behind Mimo Seedler (A German rider who's one to watch. He's CRAZY) Voodoo's own Rob Terry took the third place on the flatland podium too!


Photo: Winter EUC (Facebook)

Elite flatland led to some of the closest battles I've ever seen! Lorenz Poham took first place, Kornel Auth second, and Pierre Sturney third. It really was a pleasure to commentate such a tense competition.


Photo: Winter EUC (Facebook)

Saturday is the busiest day of EUC, with both Trials, High Jump, and Slopestyle Street taking place.

Mike Taylor once again took another podium, with a joint first place in high jump! Both Mike and Aidan Teleki landed 138cm to pallets, setting a new IUF world record!


Photo: Winter EUC (Facebook)

Trials ran in two phases throughout the day, with some really imaginative and well built lines! Mark Fabian stormed both the qualifiers and the finals, landing 6/7 of the lines in the finals!


Photo: Winter EUC (Facebook)

After the trials finals was street, which took place in the Slopestyle format for EUC. In Slopestyle, each rider has two attempts to qualify by riding a linear course, much like Slopestyle ski/snowboarding. The emphasis is heavily on style and linking tricks together smoothly.

As a result, it's no surprise that Josef Sjonneby sailed into first place! Closely followed by Pierre Sturney and Kornel Auth


Photo: Winter EUC (Facebook)

After the street final, it was time to socialise and enjoy good food, great beer, and the best community in the world! (what unicycle convention would be complete without a Beer Pong competition, too?)


On the Sunday, we were up early to travel back to the UK, we took the bus from Cologne to London, but luckily were so tired we all managed to sleep most of the way!

and now less than a week later, I'm writing this blog post waiting to board my flight to Minnesota, where I've been honoured (or should I say 'honored') to be offered the opportunity to fly out to lead some flatland workshops at Mondo, a Unicycling and Juggling event organised in part by the Twin Cities Unicycle Club.


Photo: Rachel Sindelar


Mondo was a great event! This was my first time in the USA outside of New York, and I had an awesome time. I need to thank the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, especially the Sindelar and Koehler family, as well as Lars Anderson for their generosity and hospitality over the week, you really made me feel welcome and at home.

Over the 3 day event, I taught a few Unicycling workshops, and participated in the gala show, where we staged a flatland competition. Hopefully there’ll be some video of this soon! In my free time there I went to ride with the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, learnt to ice skate, and spent president’s day in an indoor water park (which is possibly the most American thing conceivable)

To see some more of Mondo, check out this video that Kyle Alviani put together:


I’m going to try and make Simon Berry’s 2016 a ‘thing’, so check back on the UDC blog soon for more Unicycling and adventures!

Team Voodoo performing on CBBC's Blue Peter

Did you know that last Thursday (28th Jan) The Voodoo boys made an appearance on Blue Peter?

What you were still at work!  Well here is a chance to see it.


50% Off Voodoo Merchandise Sale

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Unicycle.com go to EUC and EJC

Roger and Ed (from Voodoo) took Unicycle.com to EUC and EJC.  They spent 3 days in a wooded glade next to the main EUC competition area amd then moved the Unicycle.com Trailer and Tent to the main EJC trading area.

[caption id="attachment_4879" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Unicycle.com display at EJC[/caption]


The 2000 mile trip towing the Unicycle.com trailer was long and boring.  So we had several games on the go.  One counting all the countries on cars and trucks we saw.  Also counting the French provinces from their car registrations.Edds list

[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

Do you need some Trials or Street gear?

With the Voodoo Unicycles Birmingham UK Street and Trials League this weekend we decided to shot up a blog post of the Trials gear we currently have on offer. Just in case anyone needs to replace parts after the weekend or just simply wanting to upgrade.

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