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Unicycle.com Instructional Videos

We've been creating videos again. Big difference from the last video we now have a decent video camera and a microphone, so they are far better quality. First video is showing you have to remove some ISIS cranks.

This second video shows you how quick removing your pedals can be when you have the right technique.

If you like our UDC Instructional Videos please keep and eye on our Youtube Channel as there will be more coming soon.


Adam Valman's Sponsorship Video

Adam Valman is a recently sponsored rider by UDC. This was his sponsorship video that never got publicly uploaded. A small video to show off what he can do! We're expecting good things from Adam.

26" Schlumpf Muni Video

Here is another quick video from our favorite 55 year old muni addict, showing us few new shifting techniques and what fun Schlumpf munis are.

Schlumpf Shift Button Installation & Downshifting

Now that our blog is finally upgraded i can post up this video we were emailed a couple days ago, from Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson.

First two minutes is a brief tutorial on crank and shift button installation for the Schlumpf 2-speed internal geared hub.  The second half shows Terry shifting while riding, downshifting for hills and pulling away FAST! And listen to the comments...

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