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Gravity Unicycles with 42mm Bearings

Impact Unicycles are now offering their Gravity Unicycle with 42mm bearings due to popular customer request.

42mm Bearings

42mm vs 32mm

The Gravity unicycle is now available with both 32mm (Gravity Pro) and 42mm bearing (Gravity).

– 32mm bearings are Impact’s performance bearing, providing a dramatic decrease in weight, as well as added stiffness. As a performance product, these bearings require maintenance and have a shorter life than 42mm bearing.

– 42mm bearings are used on almost all mid-professional tier unicycles. Although heavier than 32mm bearing, these bearings offer reliability and increased compatibility for other brand’s frames.

Gravity Pro and Gravity

To make sure we can tell the difference between the 42mm and the 32mm Gravity. Impact has started calling the 32mm version the "Gravity Pro". This is the same right across the range, anything with the 32mm bearing gets the "Pro" classification (Gravity Pro, Reagent Pro and Sylph Pro).


Spare Parts

Impact are also offering the frames as spare parts, which is great as it will fit many Unicycles that have a 42mm Bearing (Kris Holm, Mad4One, Nimbus).

Seatpost Clamp Size: 31.8mm
Seatpost Size: 27.2mm
Bearing Size: 42mm
Weight: 620g (incl Bearing Clamps and Bolts)
Colour: Black or White

Other Impact Frames with 42mm Bearings

Impact are also offering their Reagent / Sylph frame with the same 42mm bearing holders. Which currently features on the Sylph Unicycle.

Impact Sylph

The Sylph is the newest member of the Impact Unicycles family. Designed in response to the growing ‘Flatstyle’ and X-Style movements within Flatland, the Sylph features a 20” rim and tyre combo, with 118mm cranks to help with smooth rolling flatland combos, coasts, and transitions.

24" and 26" Gravity Frames

The Gravity frame also come in 24" and 26". These frames also a run 42mm ISIS bearing which which features on many Unicycles. This frame also comes with a tab welded on the frame for mounting in-board disc brakes.



This is Flatland Unicycling 2017

'This is Flatland Unicycling 2017' is an awesome new video put together from Unicon last year by Edd Hawkes. The video features some of the best Flatland riding from the world championships.

What is flatland?

Flatland Unicycling is about doing tricks on flat ground (usually pavement). There are virtually an infinite number of ways to ride a unicycle. The challenge is purely related to the difficulty of moves. Here at unicycle.com we can highly recommend the Impact Reagent Unicycle for flatland riding.



New pictures in the Saddle section

We've been updating all the photographs in our saddle section, each product now has the latest picture of that item. Do you own any of these saddles? If you do please leave us a review on the saddle, so other customers can pick be best saddle for them.


Ed Pratt's World Unicycle tour

Ed's world Unicycle tour is finally underway!

ed pratt

Here is his route for the next few weeks. If you happen to live en route Ed would love to hear from you and would love your support.

ed prat

You can follow Ed's progress on his  Facebook and Twitter page

Ed is raising money for a charity called School in a Bag

School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each SchoolBag is filled with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn.

We wish Ed the best of luck on his adventure.



JUST 24hrs - Unicycle Endurance Event

Juggling & Unicycling Stockton-on-Tees are running another 24hr event after success of the 2012 event.  The aim is to get as many Unicyclists as they can riding round the Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit – Prissick Park for 24hrs. "Whether you do 1 lap, 10 laps or 100 laps come and join in, even JUST for half an hour." Everyone will be starting at 1pm on July 26th and finishing the following day, July 27th at 1pm. There will be prizes for many different categories. Plus if you register before the June 29th you are able to get a event t-shirt, which we think looks awesome.

Check out the JUST's site for all the details on the event and registration page.



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