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Office Fun 'Part1'

Nick and myself have been testing a product we found in the loft here at UDC headquarters...

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"oo its going well!"

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Que cheesey grins! (Do you think Nick noticed i've stolen hes Ray-Ban's?)

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We give this product the UDC seal of approval.

Nimbus Shadow Handle Testing

The new Nimbus Shadow handle has had couple of failers where the base has been snapping, so natually this just wouldnt do and we've redesigned how the base was welded so it was much stronger! As you can see from the video we've simulated a fall off the unicycle, where the base would be put under pressure. The seatpost that was in the base gets very bent but the base still remains stright and doesnt snap, here is a photo to show how bent the seatpost acctully was.

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