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Doing the Styrkeprøven on a Bike

Ok, I cheated I used 2 wheels, but it was a long way! Den Store Styrkeprøven (The Great Trial of Strength) is a cycling race in Norway that goes from Trondheim to Oslo.  540km.

mapTrondheim is a beautiful place, especially so close to mid summer.  The sky was bright enough all night to not worry about darkness.  On the day we arrived it was also 20 degrees at 1am.


There was 4 of who went as a small team. Paul Williams, Senan Haddad, Simon Hunter and myself (Roger)  We have been training for this all winter and it was almost a relief when we lined up at 7:25 in Trondheim ready to set off.


Everyone was set off in groups of about 40 riders every 5 minutes.  The speeds were incredible riding in these pelotons with average speeds of over 35kph.


At one point we got caught by the Coop ladies team who were moving at a steady 43kmh... up a hill!  We tagged along with them for a bit.


We completed the ride in 20:51:40.  We were not the fastest; but I am proud to have done this amazing race in an amazing country.



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