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Unicycle Spoke Calculator

How to work out your spoke length

Here at Unicycle.com we are the unicycle specialists, so of course we support the building and maintenance of unicycle. We have built in to our website a tool that allows you to work out the length of the spokes you need to build your unicycle or penny farthing.

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New Products - September 18

New Products

With some different deliveries arriving over the last month we can now share with you some new products that are available!


We have two new Impact Unicycles for you to have a look at.  The first is a custom in-house Limited Edition Gravity Pro (32mm). We had a scratched Gravity Frame, which we got re-painted in this one of a kind custom purple colour.

The second is the latest version of the Reagent with Impact's new 42mm frame. These are beautiful Unicycles!

New Products New Products


We have finally got Monty tyres back into stock. UDC UK have real problems getting hold of these tyres. They are so popular we have to stock them!  After lots of searching we have finally found some that we can now supply to all the customers who have been asking for these.  We also have the Kenda Kiniption 24" in stock, which is a great smooth tyre for your 24" Unicycles.

New ProductsNew Products

Other Items

Finally we have Black spoke blanks, which we can cut to any length you require. Do you want to build your 36" wheel with a M4O hub? We can supply you the spokes. We also got in the latest version of the Nimbus X wheel, with their latest generation rim. These make amazing wheel-sets for hockey or freestyle riding.

New Products New Products

Do you want to see all the new products we have?


Unicycle.com Spoke Calculator

Just quick blog post to make all you UDC fans aware that the new and improved Spoke Calculator is now online. Great little tool for anyone wanting to build a wheel, simply select the Rim and Hub from the drop down menus then click go. The calculator comes back with the Spoke size you’re going to need to build your shiny new wheel. Also with the calculator it means building custom wheels is easy:

1. Use the Calculator to find the spoke size

2. Buy either 36 or 48 Spokes of the size you need

3. Then the Hub and the Rim you want

4. Then some Wheel Building

Four easy steps to get your own custom wheel built which will be built.

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