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Nimbus Disk Brake System

Coming April 2012 Nimbus are releasing 100mm wide disc compatable hubs and disc brake adaptors in Black.

This means you will be able to run any disc brake of your choice, using your existing frame and ISIS cranks.

New Onza Hog rim 32 hole...

Unicycle.com are now finally selling a 32 hole rim to go with our 32 hole hubs, the new Onza Hog Rim. One of these built up with a 32 hole Nimbus hub with the unique flanges would be quite impressive trials rim.

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New *Special Addition* Bumblebee Trials Unicycle!

Check out our new special addition Bumblebee Beginner Trials Unicycle! Great for kids wanting to start learning trials unicycling. You dont even have to use this unicycle for trials.  Its great for riding on rougher terrain outside.  Grab it now before it sells out for Chiristmas!

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New stock, new catalog

Rachael is engrossed in the new wholesale catalog finding new shiny bits to buy! She has already claimed the nice shiny purple rim that has just arrived for Marco in Germany. Sorry Marco!

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Do you have unicycle skills?

If not you need our newest DVD that’s just gone up on the site, which is entitled... "Unicycle Skills". It’s a brand new DVD from New Zealand for beginner unicyclists and has now replaced our 'One Wheel No Limit' DVDs in all of the learner packs and with doing this the learner packs are now cheaper!! Plus my picture made it on to the back…

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Unicycle Stands..

For some reason unicycles are normally a pain to store or for that matter just even stand up. (Could be something to do with the one wheel) But luckily Unicycle.com are here to provide a solution with a range of unicycle stands. We have few different styles of stands and they come is all sizes to suit any unicycle..

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