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North West Unicyclists Ride - Delamere Forest

On Saturday 6th October 9 unicyclists from the north west visited Delamere Forest. On a brilliant sunny day we met up at the visitors centre, Mike Wakefield brought his 3 kids and Kane -it was Kane's first MUNI ride and his 12th Birthday.

Mike had the choice between fitting a toilet or bringing his kids, his son Will had the choice of playing in a tennis tournament or riding. Guess what they chose.

It was also Peter's first ride with us. We headed along the trails round the big lake, to the mountain bike section. Lots of fun was had on the downhill section. Then back to the visitors centre for sausage baguettes - a must for every visit.

The kids were amazing especially first time Kane and little Sam. Unfortunately most had to leave but JL, Julian and Rob made it up to the viewing point.

Delamere forest is an excellent spot for riding, plenty of easy trails -with the delights of the mountain bike area.

Julian and Matthew's Ride around 3 reservoirs 1st July 2012

Our Sponsored riders Julian and Matthew have been out and about on a MUni ride in North Bolton. Here are some picture from their day. Looking good guys, keep up the good work!

The recent wind had knocked down some tree's requiring a scramble to get past.

Matthew Morris, on his new unicycle with Wayoh Reservoir in the Background.


Claire looking cool (she got muddier later) on an old Nimbus 24" MUNI

Julian Page on his 3 year old Nimbus 26" (think it needs a disk)


Matthew started this one from a lot higher, you can see the skid marks. He ended up on the turf, smiling

Matthew contemplating his future before taking on the dam!

UDC prepare for Pennies in the Park

We are going to Thoresby Festival of Cycling or Pennies in the Park as some of you might know it. We are taking our freshly built penny farthings and as they were finished we went for a bit of a test ride.

Hectic week getting these ready but looks like we’re going to make it. See you all there.




Latest member of staff here at UDC

We would like to introduce all you unicycle fans to the latest member of the Unicycle.com (UK) staff.

Grace Catherine Devereux, Stee and Rachael's latest little edition born on the 17th August and is already sporting a Unicycle.com T-shirt.

And already she has a pink saddle ready for her first unicycle.
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