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My staff!

Here is what my staff get up to on a sunny lunch time here at UDC.

UDC office antics

It's Wednesday morning and so far today we have eaten snowballs, teacakes, brunch bars and we havent yet had our "tea and biscuit" break...We are having a daft hat day too..



Rach, Nick, Paul

Paul (looking alot like Jenson button) & Roger

Nick and Rach in the ridiculously oversized hats Roger brought back from Taiwan (he brings us the best gifts)

Bannan Hat wins the best hat of the day award.

UDC staff excited by Impact

Paul, Nick and I have all decided to upgrade our Unicycles with Impact parts. After the massive Impact delivery we just couldn't resist the Impact Frames!

This is Paul's hockey Unicycle. He has replaced his frame with a 20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - Black. He has also added a Blue KH seatpost clamp and a White Bumper and Handle to the saddle.

I have upgraded my MUni frame to a  24" Impact 'Gravity' Frame - White. I added some Gusset 'Pinhead' Pedals in White and a White Bumper and Handle to the saddle.

Nick has also upgraded his Hockey unicycle with a 20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - Black with a White Impact Clamp. You wouldn't believe how many "upgrades" this unicycle has been through as it originally started out as a KH Flatland Unicycle. Nick is definitely the girliest person in the office when it comes to shopping!

Three VERY happy member's of staff here at Unicycle.com.

I suppose we should probably get back to the office now.. It's been a fun morning.



Tandem or Unicycle?

In the office today we had a special cycle in for a spot on maintenance, which technically isn't a bike and if a unicycle is defined by one wheel per person...

Do we look worried?

Paul's got the nack..

Oh this is easy...

UDC prepare for Pennies in the Park

We are going to Thoresby Festival of Cycling or Pennies in the Park as some of you might know it. We are taking our freshly built penny farthings and as they were finished we went for a bit of a test ride.

Hectic week getting these ready but looks like we’re going to make it. See you all there.




Customized Wheel

Make your wheel stand out in the crowd by adding some coloured nipples.

Here we can see I've rebuilt my wheel using four different coloured spoke nipples to add some addiotional colour to my Nimbus Equinox wheel, and of course a Blue rocket valve cap.

If you fancy building a custom wheel, why not get in touch, after all we do offer a wheel building service.

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