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Impact Tombola Results - 2014

The results are finally out for the 2013 Impact Christmas Tombola! Congratulations to the winners, they will be contacting you this week and your prizes will be dispatched as soon as possible.

3rd prize: Margaret Schleiff - USA

Exceed Extreme Lightweight Clamp - 31.8mm

2nd prize: Anna Chan - New Zealand

Pair of Knockout Pedals

1st prize: Aaron Cohen - USA

Custom Sticker Bomb'd Gravity Frame

Impact Christmas Tombola 2013


This year we will be repeating the Christmas Tombola. We will put all the names in to a hat in January and send prizes to the first three names that Yoggi draws out.

One complete unicycle bought = One ticket for the tombola.

This offer will run from the 1st of December to the 31th of December for any IMPACT unicycle bought
(Gravity / Reagent / Athmos)

Nick and Rachael build Impact Unicycles

Bearings, cranks, wheels.... Lots of lovely Impact unicycles to build! Nick still had a long way to go..

Rachael came to the rescue and gave a hand putting the bearings and cranks on.. (note the very manly allen key in back pocket)

Hammer hammer hammer...

Finally got the job finihsed! Well done to Nick who did actually do the majority of the hard work here.

Massive Impact Frame Sale.

We are having a massive Impact frame clearence with some frames reduced by almost 50%!

20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - Black Was £105.00 - Now £85.00

20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - White Was £105.00 - Now £85.00

20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame - Matt Black Was £98.32 - Now £50.00

20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame - White Was £98.32 - Now £50.00

20" Impact 'Reagent' Longneck Frame - Matt Black Was £105.00 - Now £75.00

20" Impact 'Reagent' Longneck Frame - White Was £105.00 - Now £75.00

To see all of the Impact frames avaliable please check the Frames Section.

If you are worried about getting your Nimbus or Kris Holm wheel to fit these Impact frames don't worry slightly bigger spacer behind you bearing and the frame will fit perfectly.

If you have any questions about this please give us a call or email us for more infomation.

UDC staff excited by Impact

Paul, Nick and I have all decided to upgrade our Unicycles with Impact parts. After the massive Impact delivery we just couldn't resist the Impact Frames!

This is Paul's hockey Unicycle. He has replaced his frame with a 20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - Black. He has also added a Blue KH seatpost clamp and a White Bumper and Handle to the saddle.

I have upgraded my MUni frame to a  24" Impact 'Gravity' Frame - White. I added some Gusset 'Pinhead' Pedals in White and a White Bumper and Handle to the saddle.

Nick has also upgraded his Hockey unicycle with a 20" Impact 'Gravity' Longneck Frame - Black with a White Impact Clamp. You wouldn't believe how many "upgrades" this unicycle has been through as it originally started out as a KH Flatland Unicycle. Nick is definitely the girliest person in the office when it comes to shopping!

Three VERY happy member's of staff here at Unicycle.com.

I suppose we should probably get back to the office now.. It's been a fun morning.



Big Impact Delivery

We've just received a massive Impact delivery so we are re-stocked on everything Impact. Here is a quick list of the bits we got in...

Naomi Saddles
Naomi Saddle Covers
1Bolt Clamps
2Bolt Clamps
Reagent Longneck Frames
Gravity Longneck Frames
Reagent Frames
Gravity Frames
24" Gravity Frames
Groovy Cranks 130mm
Groovy Cranks 140mm
AllBran Pedals
KnockOut Pedals

There is a few more things as well but keep a check on the New Products section for all the Impact bits coming on to the site very soon.

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