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New Impact products prices!

The prices on all the Impact products have changed, for the better! The exchange rate into Euro is very good at the moment so the prices of the Impact products are now better. Some products have come down in price quite a bit! Check these out...

19" Impact 'Gravity' Unicycles - £365.00

19" Impact 'Reagent' Unicycle - £315.00

20" Impact 'Gravity' Frame (32mm) - £98.00

20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame (32mm) - £68.00

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Custom Purple Gravity Unicycles


With the new version of the Impact Gravity due within the next couple of weeks, we thought we would do something special with last five we have.  So as a final goodbye we took the last five old Gravity frames to get powder coated in custom candy purple. We think they look Awesome! If you want to get your hands of one of these very limited edition Gravity’s check them out here. DSC_3948
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