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Fun tricks on the Hoppley Circus Bike

The Hoppley Circus Bike is a really fun product that anyone can master!


The Hoppley Circus bike is fun to ride but trickier than it looks! If you like a challenge this is the bike for you!

Have you every wondered what is possible on the Hoppley Circus Bike?

Check out this cool Video and find out..

Why not post a video on Social media to show us what you can do, use the Hastag CircusBike so we can find it.

Here is what some customers have said about the Hoppley Circus Bike

Wylo said "After 3 long years looking for a circus bike.......unicycle.com go and create on!! My order turned up as promised, it went together beautifully (albeit without any instructions in the box) and is a joy to ride. Can't wait to perfect my moves!! Great product, great service, great unicycle.com!!"

Dmac said "Bought this as I've always wanted a swing bike (aka circus bike). It arrived quick, and was easy to assemble. For the price the quality is not bad. Had my first test ride, and it's a hoot! Some of my colleagues who have never ridden a unicycle jumped straight on and were riding around in no time. Looking forward to putting some time in to try some of the more complex tricks!"

Benjamin Renard Swing Bike

Today we have been talking to Benjamin Renard who has been riding Swing and Acro bikes for about 6 years.


Benjamin runs workshops and does performances with his bikes, see what else he gets up to on his website here

If you have been inspired by Ben's skills and fancy having a go, why not get in touch or get yourself your very own swing bike.


New Hoppley Circus Trick Bike

We finally have the new and improved Circus bikes in stock! Now comes with Blue rims and matching Blue grips and clamp.

CircusBikeCircusBike4 CircusBike2 CircusBike1

Watch Lucas Wintercrane on his Circus Bike. It's not as easy as it looks! A real challenge but one you wont be able to leave alone.

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