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New wheel size for Performer Giraffe riders

At Unicycle.com every now and then we get requests from our customers for products that they would like, and sometimes we are able to get these products produced for them.  A while back when talking with some of the Giraffe performers in Covent Garden, a request was made for a smaller, wider wheel for the Performer Giraffe was made.  Well here we are, it is now available.


The reduced size of the wheel in the giraffe will make it appear more dramatic and taller; while actually being smaller.


The wheels foot print is smaller so making it better in confined spaces.  The gear ratio on the wheel is the same as the standard 20" wheel so giving a similar feel to the rider.  The wheel comes with the fantastic 16x 2.4 trials tyre so making it ideal for outdoor performances and even for use on cobbles.


To install this smaller wheel into your Performer Giraffe all you have to do (for the 5ft configuration) is remove two links from your chain (on each side), remove the chain tensioners from your 20" wheel (to use with the 16" wheel) and fit your new 16" wheel.

Giraffe rider at BJC

At this years British Juggling Convention (BJC) we met a young man who has been riding a unicycle since he was 5 years old.


Andrew learnt to unicycle when he was five and progressed to his first giraffe at age six. He is now tall enough to free-mount his 5 foot Nimbus Giraffe.  Andrew is also a juggler and sometimes juggles whilst unicycling. Andrew says 'Unicycling is great exercise and lots of fun. You get lots of comments and compliments from the people you pass. Thanks unicycle.com for your quality products and outstanding service.'

Famous performer gets an upgrade of her Giraffe.

Today we had a very intresting customer contact us about a Performer Giraffe, Ingo the Clown. Ingo has been clowning all over the world for nearly 20 years.  She was passionate about clowning from a very early age.  She trained in Jaque Lecoq Theatre School in Paris and went on to train at Annie Fratallini Circus School for two years after that.

Today she is an entertainer for all ages, performance and Cabaret artiste as well as a model of artists in all genres.



An Email this morning..

We have had a nice email this morning from a girl called Emma Houston from Scotland. As we all know two wheeled giraffes are incredibly hard to ride even for the most skilled unicyclist. Emma decided to buy one anyway after being told it was really hard to master. Here is a video of her riding, incredible stuff! Well done Emma.

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