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Deal of the Week - 20" Nimbus Equinox Frame

The 20" Nimbus Equinox Unicycle Frame is now only £50 for one week only.

Nimbus Equinox FrameThe Nimbus Equinox frame is a fantastic do it all aluminium frame.

This frame is suitable for general freestyle riding and also advanced freestyle skills. But the Equinox frame is also just as at home with a 19" trials wheel bolted in for street, trials and flatland riding.

We are also offering a custom length option for anyone buying one of these Equinox frames.  The frames currently have 500mm long frame necks, but we can cut these to any length you require, which we think would make your Unicycle look pretty pro.

The frame has a super stiff aluminium construction, giving the rider a very responsive feel enabling greater control. The knurled oval crown is excellent for foot placement during one foot and stand-up tricks. This frame also has the a rein- enforcement insert at the top of the crown giving extra rigidity and strength.

Deal of the Week - 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle

The 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle has £65 off for one week only.

[caption id="attachment_8822" align="alignnone" width="1000"]19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle - Chrome 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle - Chrome[/caption]

This 19" Nimbus Unicycle is a limited edition version of the standard Unicycle. It features a chrome coated frame with a Matt silver rim and white clamp. The rim is the super strong 'Dominator 2' rim which 42mm wide. Spoke eyelets and double walled make this rim super strong.

The unicycle comes with a one of the newest generation Nimbus saddles. Rather than the standard black handle and bumper this version comes with the white versions. Extra tough Nimbus Venture2 ISIS 125mm cranks and Impact All-bran pedals finish off this wheelset. Now with the lighter weight Nimbus ISIS hub.


Deal Of The Week - Nimbus Multi Tool

This Multi tool has everything you need so is an ideal addition to your unicycle kit.

Get the Nimbus Multi Tool for only £6, that's 50% off the RRP

Nimbus Multi Tool - Black

Nimbus Unicycles have put together the most common tools (with the exception of a pump) you need in one place for when you go riding.  This small, compact feature rich multi tool has so many tools all unicyclists need and others that are just handy to have.


8 movable blades including:
2.0mm allen Key (schlumpf button)
2.5mm allen Key
3.0mm allen Key
4.0mm allen key (saddle bolt)
5.0mm allen key (bearing clamp)
Torx T25 (disc brakes)
Screwdrive blade

2x tyre levers including:
5.0mm allen key (Seat clamp)
8.0mm allen key (crank)
4.0mm spoke key (12g) (penny farthing)
3.5mm spoke key (14g) (unicycle)
3.0mm spoke key (15g) (bike)
8.0mm ring spanner
10mm ring spanner (bearing housing)

Chain link splitter (to help our 2 wheeled friends)

Weighs in at only 122g

Size: 4cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm

Deal of the Week - 19" Nimbus Equinox Unicycle

The 19" Nimbus Equinox Unicycle has £60 off for one week only.

19" Nimbus Equinox

So you will get all this Equinox Awesomeness for only £235.

This week we have the the Equinox street as Deal Of The Week. This is the big brother of the Nimbus Trials unicycle.  This Nimbus is an all out, top end Street unicycle that is designed to withstand the rigors of Street tricks. Then at the same time be the lightest it can be.

What some of our customers said about the 19" Nimbus Equinox Unicycle

This is a great unicycle with outstanding durability and strength.It also looks great, fun to show off with. Its is a massive upgrade to my learners unicycle , the difference is amazing.

Maz and Tai
In the short time we have had this uni, we have found it to be very durable. It has coped with riding over sand, road, moorland and with a lot of trick and trials. A good Trials wheel that we are very pleased with.

Deal of the Week - 26" Club Unicycle - RED

The 26" Club Unicycle has £20 off for one week only.

26" Club Beginners Road Unicycle - Red

So you will get all this amazing 26" Club Unicycle for only £90.

This week we are offering the Fantastic 26" Club - Red as our Deal of the week. The perfect unicycle if you are wanting to try riding a little bit of distance. It will make riding a mile seem so easy if you are used to riding a 20".

What some of our customers said about the 26" Club:

Well, when I say Great starter uni, what I mean is...Great uni if you want to add a 26'' to your collection but not sure and/or can't afford a nimbus. I've had mine over a year now. I ordered 127mm cranks with it, and I love it. I've gone for miles on it, and nothing has worked loose or even squeaks.
I said great as a starter as well if you've learnt on a 20'' and want to add another uni to your stable, this is a cheap way of going about it. To see if you can get along with a bigger uni.
It doesn't come with brake mounts but no probs, after a couple of years if you want to do muni you can save up and get a Nimbus.
Yup, very good uni, Love it!

Deal of the week - 29" Trainer Unicycle

This week we are offering the Fantastic  29" Trainer Unicycle as our Deal of the week.

The 29" Trainer unicycle has a whopping £50 off.

So you will get all this 29" goodness for the amazing price of just £80!

This is probably not the most exciting unicycle available from Unicycle.uk.com.  But the amount of 'bang for your buck' is pretty impressive.  The Trainer range of unicycles were designed and built with Unicycle clubs and rougher riders in mind, so you know that this will last.

What you get:

A comfortable Unicycle saddle that is designed to hold the rider and inspire confidence while riding.
Possibly the strongest cotterless Unicycle hub available.
48 spokes built into an aluminium rim for extra strength and durability.
152mm Steel cotterless which a good starting length and will enable you too ride almost anywhere.
Round plastic pedals that give plenty of grip with being to aggressive.
Steel frame and seatpost which aren't the lightest available but they will last.

Here is what one of our customers said about the 29" Trainer Unicycle:

This larger wheel took me a little while to change over to free-mounting after being used to a 20" wheel.  But now I have what a difference it makes.

It is so much quicker, smoother and easier to ride and isn't so affected by surface imperfections and you can cover distances much more easily. I've only been riding for a couple of months but I'm at the stage where I can go out and ride 3 or 4 miles.

Believe me when I say this unicycle has transformed my riding. The difference in having a good quality machine is staggering and I already have my eye on the next machine and it will only be bought from these guys, I can't recommend it highly enough.


Deal of the Week - 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange

The 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle has a whopping £20 off.

[caption id="attachment_8548" align="alignnone" width="750"]24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange[/caption]

So you will get all this amazing 24" Freestyle Unicycle for only £95.00

Good quality 24" Freestyle unicycle that is ideal for adults or children. Great for riding outside or doing tricks on. The 24" Wheel is a great size and means you can enjoy going out for a ride or using in a gymnasium.  Great all round unicycle

What some of our customers said about the 20" Club Freestyle:

Suddenly I had this idea that I want to ride a unicycle. I did some looking around and decided to go for it. Was going to go for a Hoppley after being recommended one, but they had sold out of the 24” wheel size so went for a Club instead. Very pleased with the product and service from Unicycle.com, very helpful and prompt service. Now all that is left to do is master the art which I am very keen to do.

I got this as my 60th birthday present. Great piece of kit, easy to put together, easy to adjust, looks great. The warning that it takes 15- 30 hours to master unicycling was spot on, I spent 15-30 minutes every day for 5-6 weeks before I finally began to really get it. During that time it was very small improvements, starting from just being able to sit on it. Still lots to learn and still need to practice, but it is super fun and always brings a huge smile to my face. A great present and despite all the times it has been left to fall to the ground or even be propelled along as I pushed it away to stay upright myself. The unicycle is still in excellent nick and has survived everything.

Deal of the week - 32" Nimbus Oracle

This week we are offering the amazing  32 Nimbus Oracle Unicycle (without Disc Brake) as our Deal of the week.

The 32 Nimbus Oracle (without Brake) is usually available for the great price of £400.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £320.

This unicycle is both light and strong offering great enhancements in performance. The 32" wheel is a fairly new addition to the Unicycle wheel size range and offers great advantages in maneuverability and speed without going for a 36". So if you have always wanted a bigger wheeled unicycle but thought a 36" wheel is just too big for your needs then maybe this is the answer.

[caption id="attachment_8452" align="alignnone" width="750"]32" Nimbus Oracle 32" Nimbus Oracle[/caption]

More information about Nimbus Unicycles can be found here

Deal of the week - 19" Impact Gravity - White

This week we are offering the 19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - White as our Deal of the week.

The 19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - White is usually available for the great price of £365.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £305

19" impact gravity unicycle - White

Here is what some customer have said about the 19" Impact Gravity:

This is the perfect unicycle for anyone looking for a sturdy build. The performance in all three urban riding disciplines (trials, street, flat) is outstanding, and the unicycle itself holds up to some of the most demanding riding. The Gravity opened my eyes to the fact that unicycles don't have to be short-term. In the past I would ride a month or two until the wheel, frame, crank, etc. broke. The gravity however has been worry free.  Whether I'm planning on riding flatland, big street, or technical trials, the gravity is without a doubt my go-to unicycle.

I like the Impact Gravity.  It looks really good, flips nicely and it's quite light, this frame reminds me a lot of my carbon frame of k1 which I really liked.

See what Impact Team rider Mark Fabian has to say about the Impact Unicycle in the full product review here

Deal of the week - 36" Nimbus Oracle

This week we are offering the Awesome 36" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle with Disc Brake as our Deal of the week.

The 36" Nimbus Oracle with Disc Brake is usually available for the great price of £495.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £415.

36" Nimbus Oracle Disc Unicycle - Green

Here is what some customer have said about the 36" Nimbus Oracle:

Moving up to a 36 inch wheel was a bit daunting at first, but I got used to it with regular practice. I can't fault the advice, support and quality of service offered by Unicycle.com. It really was first class. I was unsure about buying the unicycle with a brake at first, but I'm glad I did in the end as it is very useful. The heavier wheel naturally gathers momentum when going down hills, and the brake controls it so well. This unicycle really gives a smooth and solid ride once you have mastered it.
I am really pleased with this unicycle and with the excellent service and support given.

Still getting to grips with this beast of a unicycle but I am impressed with the quality and high component specification.
Definitely a head-turner and that brake allows very fine operation without any snatching whatsoever.
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