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Staff Unicycles 'Part5'

Well it's another one of my unicycles today, my 'raw' 24" Kris Holm unicycle, its raw because the frame comes from our US franchise and is un-finished it's just the aluminum clear coated. So at the top we have a 2007 Kris Holm Freeride saddle in black thats on a Black Nimbus aluminum seatpost which I've had to cut down cause I'm short.

[caption id="attachment_796" align="alignnone" width="531" caption="Obviously the frame is your normal Kris Holm 24" but it's not the normal and boring blue that you all know its RAW aluminum clear coated scratches and all. The Wheel is a Nimbus Muni wheel and I've put a 2.6" tire on instead of the 3" that comes on both the Kris Holm and the Nimbus unicycles so I can go that bit faster. "] [/caption]

Cranks were lifted straight off my trials and are Kris Holm 137mm for extra speed, there just bit interesting when you're coming down hills. Pedals to save weight I've gone for the new Nimbus Studded pedals, they grip really well like a metal pedal but weigh less than half of your usual metal pedals.

And that about it really I'm thinking about putting Magura HS33 on it later on so I can keep control coming down hills and even though the frame is really nice its little boring for me so I'm looking into having some plating done (Copper or Gold) but we'll see.


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