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Staff Unicycles 'Part4'

Today we have Rachael's 24" Muni which is a little special, because as far as we know it's the only one in existence. The frame was going to be the New Nimbus Muni but was never put into production so the prototype frame made it in to Rachael's hands.

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So as normal start at the top and work down, the saddle is the old style Kris Holm Freeride one of the first we think in grey. Next we have an Onza seatpost and seatpost clamp. The wheel is the standard Nimbus Muni wheel which bar few tiny tweaks is the same wheel that comes on the Nimbus Muni's today.

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Because Rach enjoys going fast the 3" tyre has been ditched and replaced with a 2.6" to save weight, coupled with the 140mm Koxx cranks means it's nice going up hills. Finally we have some standard DX Pedals in red just to give the unicycle a little be of color.

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