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Staff Unicycles 'Part13'

Unlucky thirteen? Well unlucky or not here is my latest unicycle. I've been planning for a while to build a 36" but I've been waiting for Nimbus to release their new Stealth2 rims.

Well starting at the top we have the Kris Holm Street saddle attached to a Kris Holm OnePiece Seatpost which has been trimmed down to accommodate my leg length.

Moving on to the wheel we have the new Nimbus FOSS inner tube with a Nimbus Nightrider tyre, on the new awesome Stealth2 rim with a Nimbus Aluminium Equinox Hub.  Making the wheel super-light.

Then to finish we have a set of Nimbus Venture2 cranks in 114mm with Nimbus super light and super grippy plastic studded pedals.

Saddle:Kris Holm 'Street' Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Kris Holm 'OnePiece' Seatpost - (27.2)
Seatpost Clamp: Kris Holm 'Singlebolt' Seatpost Clamp - Black
Frame: 36" Kris Holm 'Aluminium' Unicycle Frame
Inner Tube: 36" - Foss/Nimbus (Clear)
Tyre: Nimbus Nightrider 36" x 2.25" Tyre
Rim: 36" Nimbus 'Stealth2' Rim - Black
Spokes: 376mm, 14Gauge, Coker
Hub: Nimbus 'Equinox' ISIS Hub - 36 Hole, Black
Cranks: Nimbus 'Venture2' ISIS Cranks - 114mm
Pedals: Nimbus 'Studded' Plastic Pedals - Black

Weight: 6.6kg


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