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Sixth National Unicycle Road Race Results Year 2018

Unicycle Horwich cycle festival

The race this year was held as normal as part of the Horwich festival of cycling.  This event is one of the greatly anticipated ones in the calendar bringing together not only the fastest riders in the UK but also riders who are riding for their first time in a race.


  • 1st Roger Davies (Over 50 champion) 25min 11 sec

  • 2nd Adam Foley 26min 56 sec

  • 3rd Tom Ledger 27min 42 sec

  • 4th Mark Chronofsky 27min 58 sec

  • 5th Eddie Baxter 28min 17 sec

  • 6th Tom Bannister 28min 23 sec

  • 7th Robert Day

  • 8th Julian Barrow

  • 9th Phil Crystal

  • 10th Alan Lawrence

  • 11th Cameron Peacock


  • 1st Lucy Cobb 6laps 28min 03 sec

  • 2nd Helen Wickens

  • 3rd Rachel Ward

  • 4th Heather Page

Under 16

  • 1st William Turton 6laps 27min 36 sec

  • 2nd Tom Gillard 6laps 29min 02 sec

  • 3rd Matthew Ledger 5laps 27min 36 sec

Under 12

  • 1st Bradley Schofield

Big thanks to Julian Page for organising it and his helpers Claire and Jeff Peacock.unicyles from horwich Race


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