Shipping Changes, Black Friday and Brexit

Shipping during peak times

We have been informed by our carriers that they are particularly worried about the dramatic increase in online shopping this year and the effect on their distribution systems.

Their solution to create reliability is to regulate and simplify their services. They have suspended their 24-hour delivery guarantee from Black Friday onwards through December. The AM delivery option has been removed and a surcharge has been added for parcels that need to be manually handled.

We are working with carriers directly and finding solutions to help you get your parcels promptly. They have said that they expect the problems be greatest for the week following Black Friday where there may be a one- or two-day delay. If you are requiring a parcel urgently and not just for Christmas, then please do contact us directly and we will try and find a shipping solution that works for you.

Price Increases

Where as the delivery companies would normally do a single annual price increase, this year due to operational changes they have increased their prices several times. All the carriers have increased their prices by approximately 15%. As we charge shipping at cost based on your location you may have noticed this increase already.

European Shipping from 22 December

Due to the changes in the UK due to Brexit we will be unable to take orders from the 22 December to the 5th January from our Euoprean customers. This is due to the wholesale change in the shipping systems and the carriers will not accept any parcels in this period. In January our website will reopen for our European customers. It will automatically remove the UK sales taxes and the shipping prices will also be changed to reflect the new structure for Europe.

As a customer facing company, we are trying make sure you have the best service at the lowest prices in these difficult times.


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