Putting together a UDC Mk4 Penny Farthing

After lots of requests and questions, we have put together this video on building our Penny Farthing.

Building UDC Mk4 Penny Farthings

Here is an in-depth video showing how to build one of our UDC Mk4 Penny Farthings.

Penny Farthing

We start right at the beginning unpacking the PF, laying everything out and making sure we have everything. Next we move on to the rear spine finding out what tools we're going to need, and then putting it all together.

Penny Farthing

Once we have the rear spine together we put that onto the front forks and stand the PF up for the first time. Then we look at the headset, and the correct order to put that all together.

Penny Farthing

Almost a Penny Farthing

We then go over the stem, handlebars and then the pedals. The last thing we look at is the rear brake, and go over setting up the rear brake.

Go ahead and watch the full video to get all the information on building your new UDC Mk4 Penny Farthing.

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