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Product Development by Unicycle.com

At unicycle.com we are always working the development of it's products.  These developments are sometimes just to make the production smoother; but more than often they are to improved the products usability and strength. The vast majority of these changes will go unnoticed by our customers, they just happen and improve our customers experience.  What is seen from our side is that the components fit together better, have a longer life and we get less warranty calls.

Here is a good example of something that is in the pipeline for you.  Occasionally we have had broken seatposts where they are broken at the top plate.  After some investigation on the broken components we found that there was a weakness in the traditional design of the seat posts. So we have commissioned a new tool for the top section that includes a small web.  This dramatically increases the strength of this component without incurring a major price increase.

Product Development of Seatpost tops

Unicycle seatpost development




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