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Penny's in the Park 2012 Event Report

First can I say what a great event  so much stuff going on which was great to watch plus I got to take part in the slalom race.

The first day (Saturday) was mainly bike races which was great to watch and we had quite a bit of interest at the stall, where we were showing off our just finished UDC Mk1 Penny Farthings.

Later in the day a slalom course was set up, from the start it was 12 metres to the first cone then 10 cones placed 4 metres apart and a short 12 metre sprint to the finish line. [based on Evandale rules]

There was a Unicycle Race and a Penny Farthing race.  In the penny farthing race Joff Sumerfield came first as pictured above putting in an amazing time of 11.66 seconds.  Roger Davies and Dane Smith both entered as well putting out decent times of 17.46 for Dane and 19.47 for Roger.

Next was the unicycle race which turned out to be just as intense competition as the Penny Farthings.  Dane did his first run on a 12" which was great fun putting him in with the slowest time of 23.21.

With that run Dane then decided on using a bigger wheel and moved up to his 36" for his next run, which was good move as he went on to win the unicycle slalom. Second was our very own Roger Davies, Third was Sam Wakeling and just missing out on the medals forth was me Nick Curwen. Here is the video of the battle for 3rd between me and Sam.

The video is on Facebook apologies if you cant view it.

Later that night Joff Summerfield gave a brief talk about the antics on his epic round the world penny farthing ride. Do a search on his trip its amazing!

Sunday kicked off with some nicer weather with the sun was out. The first race of the day was the small wheel unicycle race which looked like a great laugh..

Plus two of our sponsored riders came first and second. Matthew Morris 1st and Robert Day 2nd. Next was the large wheeled unicycle race on the full circuit of 2.7km for three laps.

Sam Wakeling came first setting a incredible time of 16mins 25sec

Second was Matthew Morris

Third was Roger Davies.

Next was the main feature the Penny Farthing race:

The Penny Farthings were led out by Alexander in the De Dion Bouton passing through the hall gates before three neutralised laps on the short circuit [this took its toll as the short hill towards the courtyard was a difficult ascent for those of the Penny Guys who were of an older vintage and less fit before the whistle was sounded and the riders blasted off onto the long circuit for the allocated time of 1 hour of racing. The field was soon split and after 54mins 30 secs of racing and 8 laps of the 2.7 km long course Richard Thoday crossed the finish arm aloft as the winner, and well deserved this was.

Graeme `Wideload` Waters

Roger Davies on a UDC Mk1 (Green) came 7th over all which is a good result for him carrying that camera on his head.

Dane Smith on a UDC Mk1 (Black) came second over all which a brillant result for a machine that was finished the Friday afternoon before the race.

Sam Wakeling on a UDC Mk1 (Brown) came third over all which is quite impressive to think he came first in the unicycle race that was before this race.

First place went to Richard Thoday an amazing ride and great work at fighting off the unicyclists thoughout the race.

All in all amazing event and we look forward to the next Pennys in the Park 2013. Plus thanks to all our sponsored rides that came to the event compeated and genarally helped out great to have you guys there.



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