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Pennies in the Park 2014 - Review

What a fantastic weekend.  The setting was stunning, the weather was beautiful and the racing was amazing.

Pennies racing

The day started for the Penny Farthings and Unicycles with the slalom races.  The Unicycles went first, then the Penny farthings, then the winner of both went against each other.  This year Dane Smith won the Unicycle, Paul Gwyther the Pennies and the Penny Farthing beat the Unicycle.

Dane on Penny


Richard and Paul

good sports

Unicycle and Penny

After the excitement of the all out head to head racing there was the Paperboy race.  This was a race around 8 doors delivering your news papers.   There was no restriction on what vehicle that was used, Unicycle, Penny Farthing, Rally Burner, racing bike or tandem.  As all paper boys/girls know... the only rule was that the vehicles must stay on the road... no riding on the grass!

mini unicycle

little racing bike

Roger and Richard

little bike

Yellow door

DaveRed door

On the Sunday the unicycles started with a 4 lap race through the grounds of Thorsby hall.  This was won by Roger (from UDC), with Dane Smith second closely followed by Cameron Peacock.




The Penny Farthing race was over the same course (but reversed)that the unicyclists used.  The race was over 45 minutes + 1 lap.   The race was very close with a lead group of 3 changing places over the whole race.  Dave Preece, just pipped Roger (UDC) and Richard Thoday to the finish.


racing pennies


All in all a great weekend.  Don't forget to look out for this event next year... well worth it.

Ice cream


UDC Pennies

2 x UDC Mk2.5 Penny Farthings.

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