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Oracle 36” Review By Julian Page

After seeing the Oracle 24” and 26”, I have been waiting with great interest for the release of the new 36” Oracle and bought one as soon as it was available.  After ordering it on Friday it arrived on Monday at mid-day. On opening the box the first thing to stand out was the bright green rim – “to die for”. Smooth and silky.

Building the unicycle was straightforward. I had heard rumours that fitting the tyre on a 36” would be awkward but it only needed a little assistance from tyre levers. The foss tube felt weird but slotted under the tyre OK. Watch out for it being crimped by the tyre. The brake was easy to install with an extra instruction sheet telling you how to fit the d’brake correctly.

I ordered a KH saddle rather than the standard UDC one – It’s softer… The first impression on handling it was the weight. 7.5kg felt so light –even with the brake. The unicycle looks great –you cannot miss the bright green. It comes with a matching green double-quick release seat clamp. The only pain was cutting down the seat post.

My first ride was 16.5 miles along the Millennium trail to Lancaster then to Morecambe –all traffic free and flat. Free mounting a 36” is a bit of a challenge but managed on the fourth attempt, then 3.5 miles all the way until Lancaster. First impressions SMOOTH, very smooth. For those who have not ridden a 36” the style of riding is different, its more spinning the wheel, keeping it moving, rather than two separate pushes with smaller wheels. It seems to take less effort. The 125cm cranks are about right. A word of caution you move faster so it is harder to keep on your feet with unplanned dismounts so wear suitable protective kit. On one section of the trail the tarmac was cut up a but the 36” seemed to roll over them fine. I even managed to go down a couple of shallow kerbs –not bad for me.

36” riding eats up the miles faster. In Lancaster there is a paving slab with a sculpture of a bear on a unicycle- no idea why. Had to take a picture.

I then rode along the Prom to Eric Morecambe’s statue. The ride back was straightforward. I was surprised how I felt after 16 miles. On a previous ride over the same ground on my 29” I was knackered but on the 36” I felt fine with almost no breaks except for lunch.

My next test ride was at Blackpool along the Prom, two days later wit Rob Day –another sponsored rider, JL Coldham and Bobby Byrne. 7 miles down wind with a 7 mile slog against the wind on the way back. We tested the brake on a few hills –smooth. Rob who has an expensive holt brake on his 29” felt it was a lot smoother than his with minimal griping but without as much stopping power but acceptable for a 36”. I just thought it was SO SO much smoother than rim Magura’s and better than the helix brakes fitted to the 24” and 26”. A definite step forward.

We would have had young Bobby test it but her feet wouldn’t reach the pedals!

Altogether the 36” Oracle is a fine piece of kit, it looks cool and is smooth to ride. I am very happy with it. Maybe it’s an Oracle 26” next?

Julian Page
UDC Sponsored Rider


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