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North West Street Crew by Claire Page

Unicycle North West Street Crew's first outing to a skatepark was entertaining to say the least. Me, Tom Carney, Sam AKA Circus Maximus and Adam Dawson went to Projects Skatepark in Manchester.  Personally it was my first time at a skatepark and I was surprised that I was the only girl in the entire place, there wasn't even any scater/BMX girls around.

The skatepark was in two sections, we started off in the main section which consisted of a stair set, a few ramps and box things (I have no idea what you call them). We had multiple strange looks from people wondering what those silly people on one wheel were doing there. However, Tom managed to get a cheer from them when he rode down a skinny box thing which had a big drop to one side. After about an hour we moved onto the other section and it was apparent when we arrived that this was where the pros hung out. It mainly consisted of ramps and grind rails. The only people there were skateboarders that looked serious and we felt out of place. Although one of them asked for a go on a unicycle and as we expected, he found it a lot harder than it looked.

Our first outing to a skatepark wasn't without injury though. Sam fell while attempting to ride down a ramp and dislocated his shoulder. We rang an ambulance (I bet the woman on the end of the phone has never heard someone say 'Im 21... i've fallen off my unicycle') and shortly after a cycling paramedic arrived and took care of Sam till the ambulance arrived. So we watched Sam get whisked away with his unicycle, we were quite disappointed the cycling paramedic didn't have a whiz round the skatepark on his bike before he left! Adam left shortly after, not wanting to repeat Sam's misfortunes. However, me and Tom stayed and had a flat session, we were slightly put off trying any ramps or drops, we didn't think Sam would appreciate us visiting the hospital bed next to him! We had the 'pro' section  of the skatepark completely to ourselves for about an hour, until we were joined by a group of BMXers, one of which told me I was sick after witnessing me do a kickup mount haha and made me repeat it a few times for his friends to see- I wasn't able to convince him to have a go though.

Sam is now okay but has a 3 months heeling process to get though without the use of his left arm. The scooter kids at the skatepark seemed to think this experience would convert him to two wheels, I beg to differ! GET WELL SOON SAM!


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