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Mark Stockton this is your Unicycle!

Well seen as Mark now has his birthday present I can post it up on the blog and not spoil the suprise. Its a custom built Club Freestyle that we put together for Mark after he went though the entire UDC website and picked out every part himself!

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What we've done is taken a standard 20" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Black with White Tyre and we replaced the White Kikzumbut Tyre with a Blue Qu-Ax Freestyle Tyre. The next bit was more complicated as we had to take apart the standard Club wheel. We replaced the spokes with black Kris Holm spokes and the stainless steel nipples with Anodized Blue ones.

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Then we ditched the standard black quick release clamp for a Nimbus Doublebolt Clamp in blue to match the rest of the unicycle. Finnished off with a pair of Gusset PCP Pedals and we have one very nice looking unicycle.


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