WE SHIP INTERNATIONALLY    Our logistics can deal with most countries in the world and removes UK VAT

UDC is working and keeping safe

whatsapp meetings

We are still delivering

The Unicycle.com UK office is normally manned by four people. During the current emergancy it is only being manned by a single person, and we have implimented extra hygine precautions. 

We have installed a remote server so we are able to answer emails and process orders. At lunch time we have a switch of staff in the office. Orders get picked in the morning and checked/dispatched in the afternoon.

All our meetings and communications are being done via WhatsApp.

These proceedures should be helping to keep us safe while letting us get your orders out.  This also allows us to offer our normal support, with the exception of our phone support which will unfortunately be reduced.  If you want to speak with us by phone, it is best to email us and request a call back. 

Stay safe, stay at home and practice your Unicycling.


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