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Joff Summerfield on BBC Outlook Programme

Joff Summerfield talks about his round the world trip and the building of his Penny farthings.  He tells of his love of the riding of the penny farthing and his love of travelling around the world and meeting people on the way.  He used to work in Formula One making engines for racing cars. So when he had some free time on his hands, he decided to do what he loves.

Interview with Joff Summerfield

[caption id="attachment_8306" align="aligncenter" width="976"]Joff Summerfield on BBC world service Joff Summerfield on BBC Iplayer[/caption]

More about his ride

You can always read more about Joff and his travels on his website. http://www.pennyfarthingworldtour.com/


You can also see the video he mentions in the interview of him riding down death valley with his legs over the handle bars.


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