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Horwich race, pre-run by Steve Colligan

We have had Steve Colligan who lives local to Horwich to check out the race course before the Horwich Festival of Racing unicyle race in 2 weeks time.  Here is what he thinks:

"According to my iPhone GPS, the drop from the start to the lowest point, after 0.6 miles, is 10 metres only. Then it's a 10 metre ascent back to the start for the remaining 0.4 miles. The course doesn't undulate between the highest point (the start) and the lowest point, after 0.6 miles. The same goes for the uphill back to the start. It's either all down, or all up.

As you can see, a 10 metre difference in altitude over this kind of difference is hardly anything."

Don't forget to register for the race.  The entry forms are here.


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