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Have you ever wanted a MUni?

We're having a Massive MUni Sale! There is some crazy bargins to be had so if you are wanting to start trying your hand at MUni, get looking quick.

Firstly we have the 24" Qu-Ax MUni with ISIS splined hub. Now with new CroMo frame and reinforced aluminium seatpost.

24" Qu-Ax 'MUni' Unicycle Was £255.00 - Now £200.00


Next we have the 26" Kris Holm 'Mountain' Unicycle, WTB. Ultra quality mountain unicycle in 26". Built for all-mountain conditions, the KH26 is designed to have both stability and strength for technical trails and high rolling efficiency on climbs

26" Kris Holm 'Mountain' Unicycle, WTB Was £445.00 - Now £350.00


Then we have the 24" Kris Holm 'Mountain' Unicycle which is the ultimate all-round mountain unicycle, the KH24 is lightweight and strong for mountain unicycling or 24” street riding.

24" Kris Holm 'Mountain' Unicycle Was £440.00 - Now £375.00


Finally the new king of the MUni work the 24" and 26" Nimbus Oracle Unicycles which are disc braked Muni ready to go! This unicycle is both light and strong with a brake that does not grab in the way that rim brakes do so offering great enhancements in performance.

The Oracle Unicycle is one of the very few Muni's available with a Disc brake installed.  The design is aimed at the serious unicycle rider offering design advantages that help exceed riders current performance.

24" Nimbus 'Oracle' Disc Unicycle - Orange Was £445.00 - Now £399.00

26" Nimbus 'Oracle' Disc Unicycle - Red Was £448.00 - Now £399.00



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