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Grescha Challenge... 3 days of awesome muni!


The Grescha Challenge is billed as one of the toughest events in the Unicycle calendar.  It is run only every 2 years in Switzerland and lasts for 3 days.  The teams vary from 2 to 5 in number.  They need are given a task to travel from one location to another (some 30km away typically over the mountains).  The teams pick the route and are scored on every km ridden with multipliers for trail type and meters of assent. 

Team UK (Roger Davies [UDC], Joe Baxter and Steve Colligan) came in 3rd place with over 12500m decent and 130km travelled.

Swiss Mountains at dusk after a fondo meal on one of the moutain tops!

Steve Colligan on the sky lift.

Roger seen hiding from the cold above the clouds on the mountain top.

Joe Baxter taking a break.

Getting up the mountains when there was no chair lift meant a lot of pushing.

Joe showing us he can do Guitar Hero's with his unicycle!

Steve and Joe

Bridges were almost made for unicycles...except for the nails pointed upwards.


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