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GPS and Video of race courses at Pennies in the Park

Here is a video of the Penny farthing route for the Pennies in the Park  event.  I have also uploaded 3 GPS courses from the weekends test rides.  These are for the races at the Pennies in the Park event on the 18/19/20 May 2012.  You can see the the provisional programe here.

Short Unicycle course
o.5km long (GPS shows 2 laps), 29m assent/decent in total.  The course stays within the grounds and rides through the main area and will make a great spectical. There are a couple of sharp corners and a little hill.

Short Penny Farthing (long Unicycle) course
1.87km long, 39m assent/decent in total. The course uses the short course with an extension over to the boundries of the park. The extra section includes a very tight corner which will make things interesting.

Long Penny Farthing course
2.6km long, 55m assent/decent in total.  The course takes you out on to the estate roads and has some long fast stretches, although also a section that slows the penny farthings down to almost a walking pace.  The video link is for this route.


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