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Giraffe Spare Parts & Upgrades



16" Nimbus Performer Giraffe Wheelset

This is an easy way to enhance your giraffe performance. Reducing the wheel size makes the giraffe appear taller! To help your riding we have even geared the wheel so it performs exactly like the 20" model.

For more information about the 16" Wheel-set click here.


Unicycle.com Chain Covers

These plastic chain covers simply clip on the links of your chain, giving a nice plastic finish to your chain. This mean you keep your clothes clean from chain lubricant, and giving your chain a colourful appearance.

For more information about the chain covers click here.

Other Giraffe Parts

We also carry a wide range of Giraffe spare parts and upgrades you might be interested in:


Nimbus Sprocket - 28 Tooth (Pair)

Bolt on plate sprocket for the Nimbus Giraffes.
28 tooth sprocket
6x bolt holes
Chrome plated steel
Sold in pairs.


Nimbus Giraffe Crankset (LH)

Replacement cranks as fitted to the Nimbus Performer Giraffe unicycle.

Crank length 140mm
Cotterless crank fitting
32 tooth chain ring

Our Complete Range

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