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Extreme Muni in the French Alps

Last week I joined Steve Colligan, Joe Baxter and Ed Hawkes in Morzine in the French Aps to do some extreme Muni.  The riding was mostly downhill... extreme downhill!  With 15,000m decent in only 5 days riding it was hard on the body and machine... and fantastic fun! The region around Morzine is a big mountain bike area; mainly downhill, but with some areas of North Shore.  It made a great unicycle playground though as well!

We rode many of the black and red routes to the amazement of the mountain bikers.  These routes included gradients of up to 80% and mixed surfaces from loose gravel to roots and mud.

We were all riding unicycles with brakes which were essential for this terrain,  I had a prototype Nimbus with a disk brake!



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