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Fifth National Unicycle Road Race Year 2017

The fifth national road race was held in sweltering heat at the Horwich Festival of cycling today. The results are as follows.


1st Robin Whitfield
2nd Adam Foley
3rd Tom Ledger (U16)
4th Eddie Baxter
5th Julian Barrow (Over 50 champion)
6th Cameron Peacock
7th Julian Page


1st Lucy Cobb
2nd Susan Boe (RAF)
3rd Bobbie Byrne

Under 16

1st Tom Ledger
2nd William Turton
3rd Bobby Byrne

Under 14

1st Morgan Byrne
2nd Matthew Ledger
3rd Toby Middleton
4th Tom Gillard
5th Murphy Pilling

We would like to thank for sponsoring the prizes.

Robin Whitfield won the men's race in his first outing, Tom Ledger was third and won the under 16 category. Lucy Cobb won the ladies event with Susan Boe from the RAF a close second. Cameron Peacock suffered a puncture but still crossed the finish line in 6th position. The under 14 was won by Morgan Byrne from Blackpool, with creditable performance from local lads Toby, Ton and Murphy. Susan Boe won a special prize for best crash in front of the finishing line, although Elaine Blanchard's also deserves a mention.

We had two riders Phil Crystal and Dean Williams who had never ridden with another unicyclist before.

Julian Page
Race Organiser

[caption id="attachment_8725" align="alignnone" width="300"]group-picture The usual mad picture of most of the competitors[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_8724" align="alignnone" width="300"]winners-picture The winners from left to right William Turton, Lucy Cobb, Robin Whitfield, Morgan Byrne, Bobbie Byrne, Adam Foley and Susan Boe[/caption]


British Muni Weekend - Snowdonia April 2017

Having held a British Muni Weekend in exactly the same location two years ago, we knew Coed Y Brenin was a great place to ride and camp, so we decided to meet up over the Easter bank holiday for some muni fun. Our plan was to do two rides on Saturday at the Coed Y Brenin trail centre and then ride mount Snowdon on the Sunday.

A few keen riders turned up on Friday morning, so we headed out for a short ride in the afternoon. It was Tirryns first time mountain unicycling. He is an accomplished flatland rider but had never set foot on a trail before, so it was a good opportunity for him to get a feel for what the longer rides might be like. He was enthusiastic and couldn't help bringing some of his urban skills to the blue trail.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-2

Most others turned up Friday evening and got soaked setting up in the torrential rain. Roger from UK was in attendance and lent the use of his gazeebo and BBQ, ensuring all us BMWers stayed warm(ish) and dry throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning saw us ride an easy loop of blue trail to gauge the skill level of the group. All being pretty competent riders, the ride was more of a warm up and a chance to do a bit of messing around.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-4

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-3

Andy showed off his 24" street skills on most obstacles we passed.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-6

Having assessed the overall skill level of the group, we decided to extend the morning ride by swapping onto a loop of red which took us up higher into the forest with some more interesting trails and features.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-10

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-11

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-9

Once back at the trail centre for lunch, we discussed options for the afternoon ride while Tirryn rode some 24" muni flatland.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-12

Some wanted to save themselves for the mountain on Sunday and decided to stay and play on the excellent skills loop at the Coed Y Brenin centre. The remaining riders headed out to do the shortest loop of red.
There was a lot of climbing on boring fireroads and the descent was rather brutal. Sometimes trails designed for bikes can be very unforgiving on a unicycle. Only one photo from that ride, from one of the nicer sections.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-15

Luckily the rain stopped on Saturday afternoon so when we got back to camp we could relax and enjoy the obligatory BMW BBQ & beers. With the BMW flag up and flying, the British Muni Weekend was in full swing!

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-13

We were even treated to a sunset of sorts.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-14

On Sunday we were supposed to conquer the mountain; however, the weather had other ideas. All Saturday evening we were checking the forecast and it wasn't looking good. -11°C and 37mph winds would make the ride miserable at best and downright dangerous at worst. We decided to abandon the plan to ride Snowdon and stay at Coed Y Brenin to ride a long red/black route instead. Andy decided to head home but we were joined by Adam.

We decided on Dragons Back, a 31km red trail with black features along the way. It rained on and off throughout the day, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-18

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-19

In true British Muni Weekend style, there were plenty of rest/chat stops along the way with opportunities for posing. We even remembered to grab a group photo!

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-23


The trail had a good mix of terrain to challenge even the most advanced riders among the ranks. There were plenty of spills (Mostly from Tirryn) and lots of laughter throughout the day.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-16

Halfway round we discovered a tearoom. No photos unfortunately, I was too busy stuffing my face with warm ginger cake and tea. After having a rest and re-energising, we continued on the long descent back to the trail centre. From here on out, the trail just got better and better. There were lots of lovely twisting, narrow singletrack sections through beautiful woodland. This is what group rides are all about.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-24

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-26

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-29

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-31

Once again, Tirryn busted out some street skills mid-trail.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-25

After 31km, most riders were feeling achy and tired but I think Tirryn showed it the most.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-32

Most headed home on Monday morning but some riders stayed for more riding. I headed off, so no photos from Monday unfortunately. Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a great group. We discussed options for the next event, so keep your eye out on the site for news and details for the next BMW. Overall, another successful British Muni Weekend!

A big thanks to UK, who kindly offer a special British Muni Weekend discount to everyone who attends these events.

Report by Edd Hawkes.  Edd is not only a fantastic unicyclist, but he is a prime mover in the both UK and International unicycle scene.  He is also a professional videographer.  If you want to know more about the UK Muni events visit the British muni weekend website.

British Muni Weekend – April 2017 – North Wales

It’d be a shame to waste four days off work, so why not join us in North Wales during the Easter Bank Holiday to ride some top quality Welsh muni?

Date: 14th – 17th April 2017 (Easter Bank Holiday Weekend)

Location: Snowdonia, North Wales

Suggested campsite: Cae Gwyn Farm

More details: We held a British Muni Weekend here in 2015 and it was a fantastic location for it. The campsite is run by a very nice couple who are fine with having us as a group, the trail centre are also very welcoming of unicyclists and have a good selection of trails to suit all skill levels.
As always, the weekend will be split into two main ride days but this time we’ll be riding the trails at Coed Y Brenin and Mount Snowdon. Below is a more detailed breakdown.

Friday – Those who turn up with enough time on Friday can take part in a short loop of either a blue/green trail at Coed Y Brenin trail centre. A warm up for the weekend rides ahead.

Saturday – The main ride day at Coed Y Brenin trail centre. We’ll start the day on an easy trail, typically we’ll ride a blue or green route and then have lunch back at the visitors centre/carpark. The afternoon will see us ride a slightly more difficult route. There are some good red and black routes.

Sunday – Sunday will be the Snowdon ride. It’s about an hours drive from the campsite, we can arrange lift shares etc. We’ll ride the Miner track up to the summit, which is ridable for a lot of the way. We’ll then ride down Llanberris or the Ranger path, both of which will take us to Llanberris. This is a full day ride. If the weather conditions are poor and we’re unable to get on the mountain, there is a slate quarry at Llanberris which has some good trials which could be fun or we could find an alternative route which doesn’t involve going up the mountain.

Monday – For those who want one last ride, we can do a shortish ride on the Monday morning before heading home. We’ll play this one by ear, but usually we have a play on the short training loops for a few hours.

You can join or leave the fun at any point during the weekend. Campsites may require a minimum number of nights stay over the bank holiday though. The Coed Y Brenin trail centre carpark is £7 for the day, you can find out more information about the trails here:
You can watch a video of the 2015 Muni Weekend at Coed Y Brenin below

April fool - Unicycle Sportive

This was one of the better Fool we saw this year. But we almost wished it hadn't been a wind up.

April Fool

Uk Cycling events were advertising a Unicycle Sportive. This was the advertised text.

After much demand, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new event, one of the first of it's kind, The Clown-in-Around Sportive! This epic ride will give you the chance to cover over 50 miles of gently undulating terrain at this one-of-a-kind sportive. We've been kind and left out the 25% climbs which aren't suited to a unicycle, but don't be fooled, the route has got it's challenges! Intrigued?

5th British Unicycle road race

But on a more serious note, if you live in the UK and would like to race your road unicycle around the closed streets of Horwich? Then you need to get yourself to Horwich on June 18th for the 5th British Unicycle Road race (more details to follow soon), but you can see all the details on the Facebook page here.


The Fifth British National Unicycling Road Race

For the 5th year Running, Julian Page has organized the British National Unicycling Road Race.

British National Unicycling Road Race

The Fifth British National Unicycling Road Race

The date: Sunday 18th June 2017 1-05pm start

As usual the race will consist of 7 (1 mile) laps of the Horwich Town Centre course.  The start line is just next to the town hall, so be there well before 1pm. When the leader has completed 7 laps, all other competitors will be finished as they pass the finishing line.

Parking this year will be difficult as Horwich Leisure Centre (BL6 5PY) is being redeveloped and has lost its car park. Currently the organisers are trying to source parking at a local factory, Up-dates of this will be posted when we know. Please be aware that lots of the roads around Horwich are closed for the day but you can still access the Leisure Centre from Exit 6 off the M61.


You can enter on-line before the event but it’s much easier to complete the TLI Cycling entry forms and pay (cash only) on the day. Entry fee £15 (Adults) £10 (u18).

Registration on the day:

On arrival, register at the Horwich Bowling Hut (behind the town hall), Jones Street, Horwich, BL6 7AQ. You MUST sign a form for the insurance and get your race number. Entry Fee £15 (Adults) £10 (under 18) payable in cash on the day. If you are under 16 you must get your parent or guardian to complete a consent form.

People can gather at the small grassy area next to the town hall. Bring juggling equipment and make a day of it. There are toilets next to the bowling hut and there are a few shops and pubs around should you need to purchase any food on the day.

There will be trophies for first, second and third male, first and second lady, and, first and second under 16.

You will NOT be permitted to race if you do not have a helmet, so don't forget it.

For more details go to:-

European Championship Unicycling 2017

For those of you who don't already know, this summer the European Championship unicycling convention will be held in Sittard-geleen in the Netherlands! 26th July - 6th August. Good news if you are from the UK as this is close to home and almost too good to miss!

United on unicycles

EC unicycling 2017 is a unique championship for all European unicyclists. In 2017 this bi-annual event will take place in The Netherlands. Sittard-Geleen is the place to be!

  • Competitions.

  • learning from each other.

  • showing the public what unicycling is about.

  • exploring the Dutch mountains and having fun together are our main ingredients.

Throughout these 7 days, we offer you competitions in all unicycle disciplines, in lovely settings and under great conditions. Our theme: United on Unicycles. You are welcome to join us!

British Muni Weekend - Mendip Hills January 2017

British Muni Weekend - January 2017

Last weekend (21st-22nd January) the first British Muni Weekend (BMW) happened in the Mendip hills.

This was the first of hopefully many BMW's in 2017. It Looks like it was a brilliant event and a sign of a great year of Muni weekends.

The Attendees at the First 2017 British Muni Weekend I think all the attendees would like to say a big thank you to Jacob & Luke for making this happen.  To see some photos and read about what happened at the BMW then have a look at the British Muni Weekend Blog here

Keep a look out on the BMW blog and Facebook page for details of when and where the next weekend will be happening.  If you wanted to organize your very own BMW, but not sure how to go about it, why not message Edd Hawkes via Facebook to find out more.

Unicycle across Scotland on a unicycle

Oliver Green is going to unicycle across Scotland to raise money for the charity Save The Children.

This is something that is new to him. He is not an experienced rider and has trained up from an absolute novice to do this unicycle across Scotland.

[caption id="attachment_8269" align="alignnone" width="960"]Ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity. Oliver green ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity.[/caption]

He started off by thinking about doing only a 5 mile ride for local charities. But having seen the devastating situation in Syria he changed his mind to unicycle across Scotland.  The Children in Syria are suffering greatly in the horrendous situation that has been created by the war there.

The unicycle across Scotland ride will be at it's widest point.  Oliver will be self supporting all the way and camping to keep the price down.  He is determined to give all the money that he is raising to Save the Children Syria Crisis Campaign.

Oliver has been training hard for this epic trip, here is some information on his progress in his own words:


My training has been going great, it was bloody hard work in the beginning but I have enjoyed it more than I thought. I’m using a second hand  29” unicycle which is definitely not the most suitable unicycle for what I’m doing but it does the job.

To the Unicycle I have retro fitted some motor bike panniers to carry my camping gear, spare clothes etc., For training I am often doing 30+ miles in a day when I get a chance to get out, unfortunately only once a week at the moment due to work and family commitments.

I managed 40+ miles with 7kgs of junk on board a few weeks back and have passed the stage of falling of all the time. My hands and knees are no longer constantly cut and bruised and my sprained wrist seems too of healed. I now usually land on my feet when I do fall off and rarely land face first on the tarmac. I've had some amazing reactions from people I’ve met who watch with amazement as I ride past and often get a round of applause as I go by.

Sometimes going out with friends and family on bikes makes a nice change. All though this has been a very mild winter I’m looking forward to the spring as the longer nights as riding in the dark is crap


I’ve currently raised around £1700 which is miles away from my target of £10,000 which was always a very optimistic target, but I realise now that I may not reach it. With 10ish weeks left till I start my challenge so it’s any ones guess how things will turn out.  Sponsor forms and posters have been placed In many local shops and sports clubs.

This weekend I will be driving most of my route to drop more sponsor forms off.  The most surprising thing has come from cable tying a sponsor tin to my helmet.  It has made over £150 from cars stopping and people I have met putting money in it even though I look ridiculous.

I have had a large article in two of my local papers to try and help with awareness. A few weeks back I had an interview with a local community radio station.  But FaceBook has been without doubt the best source of sponsorship directing people to my just giving page.

If you would like to find out more about Oliver or contact him you can through his facebook page.

Please do donate through his justgiving page.

118km Charity Ride - Great Glen Way

Two students Gemma Shaw and Iona Copley are riding their unicycles 118km along the Great Glen Way -  Fort William to Inverness.

This epic journey is all to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK as they both lost family members due to cancer in 2016.

Please do visit their Just Giving Page to read more about their ride and donate to this great charity.
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