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Detmold Einradtage by Claire Page

Unicycle.com sponsored riders; Mike Taylor, Simon Berry, Sam Goodburn and Claire Page, traveled to Germany to perform on stage at Detmold Einradtage in front of almost 200 primary school aged unicyclists and their families. They also taught workshops and inspired the children during the day.

During our time there Mike Taylor performed a worlds first and captured a 145cm high jump to Tyre on camera.


British flatland champion, Simon Berry performed some impressive tricks on stage and showed off his skills, landing a 360 degree uni spin on a (heavy!) 36'' unicycle!


As well as being incredible at riding, Simon was a hit with the German ladies.


Sam Goodburn unicycled across a line of wine glasses that was set up for a TV show the organsier of Einradtage was involved in. Not only did he ride across them, he also managed a few revolutions of the freestyle trick stand up wheel walk on top of them.


At the event Claire Page learnt a brand new unicycle trick, which she performed onstage in the show.


The event was made up predominantly of young girls. Despite not speaking the same language, by the end of the event almost every little girl there had their T Shirt signed by Claire.





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