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Deal of the Week - 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange

The 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle has a whopping £20 off.

[caption id="attachment_8548" align="alignnone" width="750"]24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Orange[/caption]

So you will get all this amazing 24" Freestyle Unicycle for only £95.00

Good quality 24" Freestyle unicycle that is ideal for adults or children. Great for riding outside or doing tricks on. The 24" Wheel is a great size and means you can enjoy going out for a ride or using in a gymnasium.  Great all round unicycle

What some of our customers said about the 20" Club Freestyle:

Suddenly I had this idea that I want to ride a unicycle. I did some looking around and decided to go for it. Was going to go for a Hoppley after being recommended one, but they had sold out of the 24” wheel size so went for a Club instead. Very pleased with the product and service from Unicycle.com, very helpful and prompt service. Now all that is left to do is master the art which I am very keen to do.

I got this as my 60th birthday present. Great piece of kit, easy to put together, easy to adjust, looks great. The warning that it takes 15- 30 hours to master unicycling was spot on, I spent 15-30 minutes every day for 5-6 weeks before I finally began to really get it. During that time it was very small improvements, starting from just being able to sit on it. Still lots to learn and still need to practice, but it is super fun and always brings a huge smile to my face. A great present and despite all the times it has been left to fall to the ground or even be propelled along as I pushed it away to stay upright myself. The unicycle is still in excellent nick and has survived everything.


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