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Deal of the Week - 20" Club Freestyle - Chrome

Get the 20" Club Freestyle Unicycle for only £85 for one week only.

20" Club Freestyle Unicycle - Chrome with White TyreThis version of the 20" Club freestyle unicycle comes with a chrome plated 400mm frame.  We can custom fit this unicycle to most riders. Included in the price we will cut the frame to your required length.

What some of our customers said about the 20" Club Freestyle:

Having bought this unicycle for my daughter in December (then age 12) it has been put to regular hard use in both a Circus environment (practice and performance) and "on the street". During this time it has performed reliably and given excellent service with a minimum of maintenance required. I can honestly say after 18 months, that this has been a terrific buy In terms of the service and the pleasure it has given.  From the build quality and simplicity of design, I can see no reason why it should not continue to do so for some time yet.

I gave this to my son for his 15th birthday. He kept at it hour after hour and eventually he succeeded. Now he can ride around the garden and is slowly becoming more elegant - less frantic arm waving. I personally know nothing about unicycling, but it worked for my son.


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