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Deal of the Week - 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle

The 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle has £65 off for one week only.

[caption id="attachment_8822" align="alignnone" width="1000"]19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle - Chrome 19" Nimbus Trials Unicycle - Chrome[/caption]

This 19" Nimbus Unicycle is a limited edition version of the standard Unicycle. It features a chrome coated frame with a Matt silver rim and white clamp. The rim is the super strong 'Dominator 2' rim which 42mm wide. Spoke eyelets and double walled make this rim super strong.

The unicycle comes with a one of the newest generation Nimbus saddles. Rather than the standard black handle and bumper this version comes with the white versions. Extra tough Nimbus Venture2 ISIS 125mm cranks and Impact All-bran pedals finish off this wheelset. Now with the lighter weight Nimbus ISIS hub.


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