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Deal of the Week - 19" Nimbus Envy Unicycle

The 19" Nimbus Envy Trials Unicycle has £50 off for one week only.

[caption id="attachment_8954" align="alignnone" width="1000"]19" Nimbus Envy Unicycle 19" Nimbus Envy Unicycle[/caption]

The 19" Nimbus Envy Trials Unicycle is a exciting new version of the standard Nimbus Trials Unicycle. It features a powdercoated black frame with a Green rim and matching clamp. The rim is the super strong 42mm wide 'Dominator 2' rim, as well as being double walled it has spoke eyelets for extra strength. The Nimbus Trials also has the new Nimbus VCX cranks.

What some of our customers have said about the 19" Nimbus Trials

I would Definetly recomend this unicycle!! it is awesome. I've had mine for about a week and its awesome. This uni looks really good and easy to handle. have fun riding and i defintly recommend this color. it looks really good and matches everywere.

I love this unicycle and it takes alot of obuse.also it super stable with it great trials tire


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