Office Fun

I Got Saved!

Heavy monsoon hits UDC! I was stuck in the car.. Thankfully with Nicks quick thinking he saved me from getting my hair wet!...

Pregnant woman builds wheel.

Just a quick random photo of our heavily pregnant Rachael, still managing to build 36” wheels.

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Office Fun 'Part1'

Nick and myself have been testing a product we found in the loft here at UDC headquarters...

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"oo its going well!"

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Que cheesey grins! (Do you think Nick noticed i've stolen hes Ray-Ban's?)

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We give this product the UDC seal of approval.

Container day in the Snow

Monday 6th December 2010
Temperature: -12 Degrees C
Location: UDC HQ in Billingham

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Container arrives... on the wrong type of trailer. Oh well, get on with it. Container reverses on to estate, slides and gets stuck, blocking the main entrance to the estate. After lots of huffing and puffing and breaking of shovels (thanks Nick), we decide to unload the container thereon the ice!

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Lots and lots of lifting, walking, pushing and moving to empty the container. We did try getting some help to move the truck.. he failed! The heavy duty shunt lorry also failed and got stuck on the gate as well. Thewhole lot did not get moved for 8 hours.

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This is one container we will certainly remember!

New stock, new catalog

Rachael is engrossed in the new wholesale catalog finding new shiny bits to buy! She has already claimed the nice shiny purple rim that has just arrived for Marco in Germany. Sorry Marco!

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