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Container day

Container day
We received a container today. This tops up our warehouse and brings many of the out of stock unicycles back in to stock, this includes the Nimbus 29" which has become so popular we are stuggling to keep it in stock.

New uk Boss

While Roger is away at EUC & EJC we thought we should have a stand in Boss. The new Boss just arrived, seems a bit quiet!!

Nick and Rachael build Impact Unicycles

Bearings, cranks, wheels.... Lots of lovely Impact unicycles to build! Nick still had a long way to go..

Rachael came to the rescue and gave a hand putting the bearings and cranks on.. (note the very manly allen key in back pocket)

Hammer hammer hammer...

Finally got the job finihsed! Well done to Nick who did actually do the majority of the hard work here.

My staff!

Here is what my staff get up to on a sunny lunch time here at UDC.

UDC's nice new rack.

Paul and Nick have been working hard making a new rack for all the rims. After alot of drilling and hammering they finished it! I cast my eye over it and gave it the UDC seal of approval. Good work lads!!

UDC office antics

It's Wednesday morning and so far today we have eaten snowballs, teacakes, brunch bars and we havent yet had our "tea and biscuit" break...We are having a daft hat day too..



Rach, Nick, Paul

Paul (looking alot like Jenson button) & Roger

Nick and Rach in the ridiculously oversized hats Roger brought back from Taiwan (he brings us the best gifts)

Bannan Hat wins the best hat of the day award.

Photo Competition!!

Photo Competition!! Win this "amazing" bundle of stuff! All you have to do is send us your craziest/wackiest/funniest/prettiest unicycling photo. Email your entries (1 entry per person) to [email protected] and we will post them on facebook and our blog. Person with the most "likes" wins! Entries to be submitted by 6th June. Good Luck! new trailer

We now have a new trailer for moving things around.  It will of course need some nice graphics... Nick has some big ideas for getting it looking really funky.
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