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7th National Unicycle Road Race 2019 - Horwich

The start of the 7th National Unicycle Road Race 2019 in Horwich

The UK's national road race takes place in Horwich each year. The event is hosted by the Horwich cycle event and organised by Julien Page.

The race is a criterium event and attacts people from all over the uk.  The 1.57km closed course is around the centre of Horwich.  The top riders covered 8 laps.

On what was a weather full weekend, it was lucky that the race did not have any rain and very little wind.


Mens Winner Horwich unicycle

1. Roger Davies (>50) 23min 44sec
2. Robin Whitfield
3. Mark Chonofsky
4. Adam Foley
5. Joe Baxter
6. Phil Crystal
7. William Turton
8. Julian Barrow
9. Tom Gillard
10. Julian Page

Womens winner Horwich unicycle
1. Helen Wickins
2. Claire Page
3. Heather Page
4. Susan Bow
5. Jodie Symmington
7. Caroline Conaghan
8. Nik Milford

U16 Horwich Winners Unicycle

1. Tom Gillard
2. Bradley Schofield
12 and under
1. Bradley Schofield
2. Jude Turner
3. Thomas Shinks

U12 Horwich Unicycle

Massive thanks for Julian Page for organising the event and Jeff and Claire Peacock for marshelling the event.

Unicycle race horwich


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