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Deal of the week - 19" Impact Gravity - White

This week we are offering the 19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - White as our Deal of the week.

The 19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - White is usually available for the great price of £365.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £305

19" impact gravity unicycle - White

Here is what some customer have said about the 19" Impact Gravity:

This is the perfect unicycle for anyone looking for a sturdy build. The performance in all three urban riding disciplines (trials, street, flat) is outstanding, and the unicycle itself holds up to some of the most demanding riding. The Gravity opened my eyes to the fact that unicycles don't have to be short-term. In the past I would ride a month or two until the wheel, frame, crank, etc. broke. The gravity however has been worry free.  Whether I'm planning on riding flatland, big street, or technical trials, the gravity is without a doubt my go-to unicycle.

I like the Impact Gravity.  It looks really good, flips nicely and it's quite light, this frame reminds me a lot of my carbon frame of k1 which I really liked.

See what Impact Team rider Mark Fabian has to say about the Impact Unicycle in the full product review here


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